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Jan 30, 2018

This week, Stacy is joined by Francis Financial’s very own, Davon Barrett. Davon shares his personal story of growing up in a divorced family and how it’s impacted him today. This powerful episode brings to light a child’s perspective and provides key takeaways for what parents can be conscious of when bringing up their children in a split home. Stacy touches on the following questions:


  • What worked well with your mom and dad? How did they try and make you feel comfortable at each of the new homes?  (5:30)
  • How did you deal with the compromise and change?  (7:08)
  • Did you notice any differences with regard to money? (11:14)
  • Do you ever find yourself having to make uncomfortable decisions on who to spend time with?  (13:30)
  • Has your parent’s relationship taught you lessons for when you might get married someday?  (30:50)