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Jul 17, 2018

This week, Stacy is joined by Michelle Lisa Anderson, speaker, Author and CCO of movement ‘Love over Addiction.’ Michelle shares her personal story of divorcing a man who suffered from drug and alcohol addiction. She also opens up about the details behind her dysfunctional marriage, which she kept hidden, and how she opened the door to happiness. She emphasizes the importance of loving ourselves for the people we are today and not the people we are trying to become tomorrow.


In this episode you will gain insight on:


  • How to support a friend or family member who is going through a dysfunctional marriage (07:43)
  • Why we so frequently pursue those who can't love us in the way we need (12:04)
  • How to prevent this from this happening again (18:42)
  • How to know when to leave (22:44)
  • How to know whether your situation is ‘normal’ (29:29)
  • Where to receive emotional support during a transition (34:04)

Those interested in receiving Michelle’s Free 12 Tips Every Woman & Mother Need to Know When Loving Someone Who Drinks Too Much or Suffers From Substance Abuse can visit: and enter your email address. The freebie will be emailed to you.


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