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Mar 14, 2018

This week, Stacy is joined by attorney, social worker, and founder of DLM Divorce Mediation, Debra Mechanick. Debra clearly understands the clinical dynamic of family relationships, and will advise you on how to take a peaceful approach to separation and divorce. How does one make well-reasoned, logical financial decisions when in the midst of what, arguably, is one of the most emotionally-traumatic experiences a family can go through? In this episode, Stacy and Debra will provide you with tools for approaching the divorce process by separating emotions from rational decisions. You will gain insight on:


  • Three big mistakes women make when rushing through the divorce process (6:29)
  • Understanding new laws (12:31)
  • How to separate emotions from the decision-making process (19:18)
  • Techniques for avoiding unhealthy communication that may influence negotiation (23:10)
  • How to compartmentalize the divorce process into 3 components (28:32)
  • Taking care of yourself (36:41)