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Jan 29, 2019

From growing up in a home where dysfunctional dynamics around money created a “rollercoaster in the house”, to entering a marriage where the financial roles from her childhood were repeated, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Barbara Bennett knows firsthand the emotional conflicts that can stem from marital money issues.


In this week’s episode of “Financially Ever After,” Barbara joins Stacy for a moving and insightful conversation revealing:


  • How a lack of equity around financial knowledge can create a power differential in a marriage and weaken the relationship. [10:10]
  • Why we replay the financial roles we’ve learned in childhood, bringing those imbalances into our adult relationships until we wake up and understand what we’re doing. [12:00]
  • How she faced her fears around money, and worked to become knowledgeable about finances while also pursuing the education that could give her financial self-reliance.  [18:45]
  • Why she strongly advises those facing divorce to join a divorce support group. [20:00]
  • How to look for a marriage therapist, and what to do if couples therapy isn’t working. [28:20]

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