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Aug 28, 2018

This week, Stacy is joined by divorce and family mediator, Rachel Green. Rachel focusses on the importance of communication not only for a happy marriage, but also for a happy divorce. Mediation is a process for resolving disputes by which an independent mediator assists the parties in reaching a mutually satisfactory settlement. It is an extension of the parties’ own negotiations and is sometimes referred to as a "supercharged negotiation."


In this episode, you will gain insight on:


  • Couples who lack communication in the mediation process (05:00)
  • incorporating your attorney in mediation (16:39)
  • Three ways to know if mediation is right for you (19:44)
  • How Rachel mediates cases when one of the spouses has been a victim of domestic violence (23:52)
  • What ‘Shuttle diplomacy’ means (28:33)
  • Some of the mistakes Rachel sees women make as they go through the divorce process (34:48)

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Stacy Francis | W: P: 212-374-9008 E: