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Jan 15, 2019

In this episode of Financially Ever After, Stacy talks with New York “Super Lawyer” Adria Hillman. With a long-standing history practicing corporate and family law, Adria’s client list has included well-known celebrities and entertainers, but her initial and continuing passion around family and divorce law remains helping all people who need help.


Listen in as Adria shares insights from her lifetime of experiences helping women empower themselves around financial issues during divorce, including:


  • How celebrity divorces differ from those of average income couples - and why courtroom litigation should be the last resort for any couple hoping to maintain control over proceedings [10:12]
  • Why you need to Face the “Big Three Fears” (Fear of: Finances, Family Dissolution and the Future), but why you don’t need to face them alone! [14:03]
  • Understanding Trusts, Marital Debt, Tax Returns & Credit Cards -- Why these four financial areas can create a financial disaster if you're not aware of them [19:10]
  • Why you should never let the fear of “hidden secrets” keep you from seeking information about the financial unknowns. [32:30]
  • Why she is so driven in her work as a founding member of New York Women's Foundation, and why it’s more important than ever for women to support other women in building wealth. [36:44]

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Adria Hillman | W:  P: (212) 593-5223


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