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Apr 9, 2019

After suffering far too long in an abusive marriage, Sheryl-Anne Sastow finally made the decision to get out of the relationship, only to then be faced with a drawn-out, expensive and emotionally painful divorce litigation. 

On this episode of Financially Ever After, Sastow shares how her own experience inspired her to become a divorce mediator and collaborative attorney - a role in which she helps divorcing couples resolve their issues and end their marriages peacefully. Among the many insights Sastow shares:

  • How she gets divorcing couples to communicate even when they’re at their angriest, and why the most acrimonious divorces can see the biggest benefits in choosing mediation over litigation.  [6:15]


  • Why it is most often women who contact her to inquire about, and initiate the mediation process in their divorces. [14:15]


  • What the biggest differences are between mediation and litigation divorce processes (hint: one of them will save you time, money and lets you keep your divorce proceedings confidential ).  [16:10]


  • Why historically, mediation has been less prevalent than litigation - and why that trend appears to be reversing. [30:35]


  • How to find the best mediator/collaborative attorney to ensure you make the most of all the benefits of mediation. [35:05]

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