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Sep 25, 2018

Matrimonial attorneys, Linda Decorato and Bryan Goldstein, share the top tips you need to know to get on top of your financial picture, without arousing the suspicion of your husband, before you file for divorce and while you are still under the same roof. Linda and Bryan tell real-life stories of women who went from being financially clueless to financially smart, making great decisions that led to their long-term financial security.


In this episode, you will learn:


  • How to cope with emotional pain, and realize it is not permanent (6:34)
  • Why it’s better for your children to see strong mothers who make the decision to leave an unhealthy relationship (12:00)
  • The difference between going through divorce when you’re involved and not involved in your finances (15:10)
  • Why you need to be financially aware, so his debts and his fraud don’t become yours (17:45)
  • How to protect yourself, as a non-working woman, with your own account and build your savings (20:00)
  • When the innocent spouse rule doesn’t apply (24:45)
  • If it’s smart to inflate your expenses on your statement of net worth (SNW) (28:00)
  • What is “stockpiling syndrome” and what expenses are most often questioned (34:15)
  • Where to find experienced professionals at any price point (39:51)

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