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Aug 14, 2018

This week, Stacy is joined by the financial editor of NBC’s TODAY show, owner of DailyWorth, AARP’s personal finance ambassador and host of the podcast HerMoney, Jean Chatzky. In this episode, Stacy dives deeper into Jean’s book, ‘Age Proof’ to focus on the importance of what women can do to achieve both financial independence and biological strength to get you there.


In this episode, you will receive answers to the following questions:


  • As a financial expert, did Jean deal with all the finances in her marriage? What are her top tips? – (05:26)
  • How does Jean pick the best investments and manage her finances? (12:05)
  • What is the link between health and wealth? Jean explains how you can secure both. (14:20)
  • What is a Health Savings Account? Do you need one? (17:58)
  • What are the best options for health insurance plans for newly divorced women? (23:34)
  • What are some words of wisdom for divorced women who want to stay financially and physically fit? (28:23)

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