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Jul 31, 2018

This week, Stacy is joined by experienced seasoned litigator and matrimonial attorney, Richard Adago. Gray divorces have become increasingly common and Richard has come across numerous cases, both amicable and uncordial. In this episode, Richard provides an insight into the legal aspects of how to deal with an unexpected broken marriage and specifically when adult children are involved.


In this episode you will gain insight on:


  • Why there is an increase in gray divorces (03:00)
  • How a gray divorce is different to a younger couple getting divorced (07:31)
  • Client stories about being financially in the dark (09:38)
  • What is not allowed in a marriage when fishing for financial information (15:37)
  • Tips on how to legally disclose your husband’s financial information (17:58)
  • What Richard’s financial story is (19:32)
  • When mediation is the right route to take (26:19)
  • When interviewing lawyers, how to know who is going to protect you from yourself (30:27)

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