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Apr 24, 2018

This week Stacy is joined by successful business woman, Jenny Powers. Jenny married her childhood sweetheart and then found herself filing for divorce, mainly due to issues around money.


When Jenny’s divorce attorney asked her basic questions related to her financial situation and she realized she couldn’t answer them, she decided things needed to change. Jenny is someone who has learned from her mistakes and is now happily re-married and having smart money conversations with her husband.


In this episode, Stacy and Jenny will share helpful tips on how to have the money conversation with your partner. Jenny shares her insight on all of the below questions:


  • Do you feel like your ex-husband had a handle on the household finances? (04:34)
  • Do you feel that the lack of conversation about money led to your decision about the divorce? (06:29)
  • How long did your divorce take? (08:46)
  • How did you choose a lawyer? (11:12)
  • How did you manage to support yourself afterwards? (12:36)
  • What did you take away from your marriage regarding finances? (15:33)
  • What is your strategy in your new marriage? (21:08)

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