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Nov 6, 2018

This week on Financially Ever After, Stacy is joined by “The Divorcierge,” Karen Bigman. Karen’s background includes both an M.B.A. and Divorce and Life Coach training, making her a powerful source of practical and tactical divorce advice.

In addition, Karen also brings personal pre- and post- divorce experience to her work. In this conversation, she shares lessons learned in working with the wrong financial advisor, and how women facing divorce can find the right financial advisor for them.

Some of the highlights Karen offers include:

  • The clues that her financial advisor didn’t understand her lifestyle and her plans for her financial future, and wasn’t really hearing her.  [7:20]
  • How a lack of transparency around fees, taxes and portfolio makeup affected her income expectations. [10:55]
  • The importance of asking the right questions when interviewing a financial advisor (see link below for a list of questions provided by Francis Financial) [17:05]
  • Why choosing your advisor based solely on a friend’s recommendation can be a bad idea.. [27:40]
  • The surprisingly emotional process of moving to a new advisor, and how rewarding it was in the end. [30:08]

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