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Jun 20, 2018

This week Stacy is joined by Christine Barranca, who shares her courageous divorce story. Christine was in the middle of an unhealthy marriage, and at the same time she was also dealing with a career change, and battling cancer. Stacy and Christine discuss the challenges of feeling trapped in a marriage, and how she ultimately succeeded in leaving. Christine is now thriving, and enjoys spending time with her son's family, friends, reading historical novels, mentoring junior agents in her real estate work, and supporting and guiding women diagnosed with breast cancer.


In this episode, you will hear answers to the following:


  • What were some changes during and after the divorce? (2:56)
  • How did you gain the courage to say “this is not how I want to continue living my life?” (4:24)
  • How did you keep a strong bond with your children throughout this process? (9:50)
  • How was your life going to change financially? (12:17) 
  • What did you do when he withdrew all the money from the joint accounts? (16:59)
  • How did you know the right lawyer to choose? (19:00)
  • Options for staying in your neighbourhood post-divorce when you realized it could be very expensive? (24:19)
  • How do you pick the right real estate agent? (29:25)


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