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Feb 14, 2018

This week Stacy is joined by psychiatrist and author of Fulfilled for a valentine’s day special about finding yourself before you find your soulmate. Fulfilled illustrates how the science of spirituality helps you live a happier, more meaningful life. In this episode Stacy and Anna provide you with real life examples and exercises focusing on four important points during a divorce: relinquishing victim mentality, having faith and giving/offering forgiveness, rising above indecision and owning your thoughts & feelings. You will gain insight on:


ü  What made Anna decide to write Fulfilled? (3:03)

ü  How to start healing yourself (5:38)

ü  The Mirror Principle (6:28)

ü  What are some of those tools that women can work through to start to find that nugget that might not be fully ready in themselves? (8:07)

ü  Harnessing your personal power (16:05)

ü  How do you move beyond feeling like a victim in a divorce? (16:48)

ü  Faith and forgiveness (18:29)

ü  What would Queen Elizabeth do in this situation? (24:06)


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