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Feb 12, 2019

On this week’s “Financially Ever After”, Stacy is joined by Laura Israel Sinrod (Senior Staff Attorney) and Rachel Braunstein (Managing Policy Attorney), two powerhouse legal professionals whose work with NYC not-for-profit, Her Justice, helps provide family and matrimonial law assistance to women in poverty, many of whom are survivors of domestic violence. 

Listen in as Rachel, Laura and Stacy discuss the history of this 25-year-old organization, talk about the unique issues faced by Her Justice’s clients, and share some of the ways the volunteer lawyers of Her Justice support their extremely vulnerable clientele, including:

  • How Her Justice’s unique “Pro-Bono First” model allows      training and mentorship for more than 1,800 legal volunteers who are then      able to provide services to more than 9,000 women and children (80% of      whom are survivors of domestic abuse). [3:45] 


  • The top issues that women in poverty face when going      through divorce, including compounding of issues such as financial      illiteracy, custody and parenting, and financial isolation.  [10:10]


  • How women in poverty face additional collateral      consequences of litigation: from lost income to facing an abusive partner.      [18:30] 


  • Why Her Justice’s lawyers are trained not just in the      substance of the legal issues, but also in empowering their clients with      knowledge and information and ability to make decisions. [20:10]

Stacy Francis | W: P: (212)374-9008 E:

Laura Israel Sinrod | W: P: (212)695-3800

Rachel Braunstein | W: P: (212)695-3800

Links to Items Mentioned in This Podcast:  

Her Justice Legal Information Guidelines

Statement of Net Worth

Their helpline is open on Thursdays from 10am to 1pm and most callers will be able to speak to a lawyer the same day for a free consultation.