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May 22, 2018

This week, Stacy is joined by matrimonial attorneys and Certified Divorce Financial Analysts, Lisa Zeiderman and Faith Miller. It was their own difficult divorces that their path to a career in matrimonial law was forged. They recognize that organization, responsiveness and knowledge of complex finances is necessary in order to best advocate for their clients. In this episode, Stacy, Lisa and Faith focus on the financial, real estate and emotional assistance a matrimonial attorney provides. You will gain insight on:


  • Postponing getting divorced until a maintenance alimony is not taxable to you (05:07)
  • Poor financial mistakes being made regardless of guidance (07:56)
  • Reassuring your child in a non-expensive way (11:40)
  • What not to put in your joint account (15:54)
  • The difference between passive appreciation and active appreciation (19:42)
  • How finances are different from your parents’ generation (23:25)
  • Prenups and Postnups (42:05)

Lisa Zeiderman | W:  P: 212-324-3707 E: LZ@MZW-LAW.COM

Faith Miller | W:  P: 212-324-3707 E:

Stacy Francis | W: P: 212-374-9008 E: