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Oct 23, 2018

Managing Money Emotions and Money Behaviors with Master Money Coach, Carrie Rattle


In this week’s episode, Stacy talks with CEO & Founder of Behavioral Cents, Carrie Rattle. As a Master Money Coach for professional women, Carrie is living her passion to empower women with the skills and knowledge to save and build wealth. As she so brilliantly states it, “With wealth, women gain an equal vote in the world, build security and control and have choices about how they want to live.”


Listen in as Carrie shares some incredible insights regarding the deep and complex relationship between emotions and money behaviors, and learn:


  • How Carrie’s work as a money coach differs from that of a financial adviser: Dealing with the money emotions that drive money behaviors [4:50]
  • Why so many professional women are earning real money but are not acquiring real wealth (hint: It’s not their fault!), and how so many layers of societal “stuff” get between women and money. [9:00]
  • How being “selfish” with money is an act of self-care. [14:30]
  • Why taking the time to fill out a happiness chart is the first, and possibly the most important step on the road to financial empowerment, and how comparison destroys joy [18:19]
  • And more!


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