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Jun 5, 2018

This week, Stacy is joined by Kathleen Burns Kingsbury, a wealth psychology expert, founder of KBK Wealth Connection, host of the Breaking Money Silence® podcast, and an internationally published author and speaker.


In this episode, Kathleen highlights how important it is to have regular financial conversations with your partner and that research has shown it increases intimacy in relationships. Kathleen holds an interest in financial psychology, background in banking and drive to empower people to take control of their financial lives. This episode is filled with insightful secrets on how to make good financial decisions when going through divorce.


You will gain insight on:


  • What gave Kathleen the courage to not make the money conversation taboo (03:38)
  • The difference between men talking/not talking about money compared to women (05:37)
  • If finances have anything to do with the fact that 50% of first marriages end in divorce (06:58)
  • Why couples try to hide finances from their spouse (08:16)
  • What happens when one person is overpowered in a meeting with their financial planner (11:09)
  • How to best manage your money relationship according to your generation, age and background (16:35)
  • Top tips for women going through divorce to make sure they have the right mindset to make good financial decisions (27:26)


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