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Dec 4, 2018

In this episode of “Financially Ever After”, Stacy talks with Sunny Joy McMillan, a recovering attorney, a practicing master life coach, award winning author, and a radio host. Sunny is also a happy divorcée who, after an incredibly high-conflict marriage, shared an amazing post-divorce friendship with her ex-husband until his passing in 2018.

Listen in and learn how Sunny helps her clients use divorce as a catalyst for personal transformation and create a kick-ass new life. Among the insightful information, Sunny shares:

  • How after years in a high-conflict marriage and unfulfilling legal career, she found her life-calling as a life coach. [3:04]
  • How tools like the seemingly simple act of writing a letter can be some of the most empowering exercises in healing relationships and working toward your essential life path. [6:27]
  • How our thinking creates our feelings, and sometimes those thoughts are not in our best interest, or even true. [19:46]
  • How often the answers we seek can be found within, and how we can build our capacity to get in touch with, and listen to our inner wisdom to build the life that will truly make us fulfilled [22:00]
  • 32:08 Why self-love and self-compassion are the foundation for EVERYTHING in building a life of integrity and fulfillment [32:08]

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