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Nov 20, 2018

In this week’s podcast, Stacy talks with New York Divorce attorney Chaim Steinberger - a passionate believer in “divorce without destruction”, as he shares his unique perspective on how women can find the right lawyer to represent them. Chaim went through his own rather nasty divorce and said to himself, “There’s got to be a better way!”  


Finding an attorney who truly cares about you, fully understands your story, and is driven to bring you justice is just some of the useful advice Chaim shares during the show. You’ll also learn:


  • Why a win/win,“Game Theory” approach to divorce is preferable to a zero sum game strategy [2:46]
  • The four most important factors women should consider when choosing a divorce attorney [6:53]
  • How there seems to be a disconnect between what women really want from a divorce attorney vs. what attorneys think they want [12:10]
  • Why the best lawyers not only listen to their clients’ divorce stories, but fully understand the subtext of their story. [17:40]
  • Why the single greatest determinant of a case’s outcome is whether or not the lawyer truly believes in their gut of the justice of the case. [24:55]
  • Why good lawyers never lie, but great lawyers are masters of spin control who expertly weave together the facts to create a compelling case. [27:40] 

Links to items mentioned in this podcast:

Article -  “Divorce without Destruction”


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